Formula 1 Car vs. Road Car Turns Out How You Would Expect [video]

Race cars are fast. We kind of all know that, but that notion of speed is seldom put into context. We see a group of F1 cars or NASCAR stock cars flying about on the track, and they are all traveling at relative speeds. The only way to really grasp the speed of a race car is to see it on the same track as more pedestrian vehicles, like in the video below.

The events of the following video took place during the weekend of the Australian Grand Prix (the weekend of April 14-16). As a display of the different levels of automobile performance, the Red Bull Formula 1 car was pitted against an Australian V8 Supercar– Down Under’s take on stock car racing, but they can actually turn right.

For good measure, a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG was thrown into the mix. The C63 went off first, and both the V8 Supercar and F1 car had staggered handicaps based on their obvious performance credentials. The goal was for all three cars to hit the finish line at the same time. Watch on to see how that went:

The C63 looks like it is moving at a lazy pace, but it is one of the most potent sporty coupes that money can buy. And it looked like it was a Ford Fiesta compared to the two race cars. So just remember, these cars are very fast, and it take an incredible amount of skill to pilot them.


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